The Biba Story, 1964-1975 – Fashion and Design Museum, London: 22 March – 08 September 2024

The Biba Story, 1964-1975 – Fashion and Design Museum, London: 22 March – 08 September 2024

What is the The Biba Story, 1964-1975?

In the summer of 1963, fashion illustrator Barbara Hulanicki, OBE established a mail-order company selling affordable fashion appealing to a new generation of young women, which she named Biba.

In 1964 Biba opened a small brick-and-mortar store on Abingdon Road, in London’s Kensington and became famous for producing low-priced versions of high-fashion items such as Mary Quant miniskirts and also for its Art Deco and Art Nouveau-inspired interior.

The Biba Story explores how fashion phenomenon Biba blossomed to become the world’s first lifestyle label, sparking a revolution in how people shopped and how Biba earned its spot as the brand that epitomises 1960s and 1970s fashion.

The exhibition focuses on the years 1964, when the first Biba boutique opened, to 1975, when the legendary Big Biba closed its doors to the public.

Displaying fantastic archival pieces of clothing, original photographs, film, and material all of which have been personally chosen by Barbara Hulanicki.

Discover Biba’s incredible journey from humble beginnings to worldwide success and shaped an era.

When is The Biba Story, 1964-1975? 

The exhibition opens on 22 March and runs until 08 September 2024.

Where will The Biba Story, 1964-1975? take place?

The exhibition will take place at The Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Founded by Fashion Designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes, The Fashion and Textile Museum is the UK’s only museum dedicated to showcasing contemporary fashion and textile design.

It offers a varied and inspiring program of talks, courses, workshops, and temporary exhibitions featuring innovative fashion and textiles from designers and makers around the world.

Who may attend The Biba Story, 1964-1975? 

The exhibition is open to the general public.

Where can I buy tickets for The Biba Story, 1964-1975? 

Various ticket options are available for purchase from The Fashion and Textile Museum website.


At a Glance

Event: The Biba Story, 1964-1975

Date: 22 March to 08 September 2024

Venue: Fashion and Textile Museum

Address: 83 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XF


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