Courtly Coral: Red Coral and Coral Motifs at the Chinese Imperial Court

Dr Pippa LaceyIn 2024, the C&TA celebrates our Coral Anniversary: 35 years as an independent charity supporting the Norfolk Museums Service's costume and textiles collectionsMediterranean red coral, shanhu, was traded along the Silk Roads to China from ancient times. From at least the Ming dynasty (1368 - 1644), coral motifs were incorported into the design […]

Online Gem Talk: Jewellery From the Art Deco Movement

Alexandra will be discussing Art Deco and how this movement inspired some beautiful jewellery.A lexandra will be hosting another online gem talk, this time she'll be focusing on the Art Deco, which is short for the French Arts Décoratifs. This style of visual arts, architecture, and product design, that first appeared in France in the […]

Annual Sinton Lecture: Barbara Shapiro — Weaver, Dyer, and Basket Maker

Barbara shares her long career in textiles and the burst of artistic output inspired by moving her studio to San Francisco in January 2020.Annual Sinton Lecture: Barbara Shapiro — Weaver, Dyer, and Basket MakerEventbrite tickets are for the online presentation via Zoom. The presentation will be broadcast live from the Koret Auditorium at the de […]

Fashion on the Silk Roads: 500 – 1300 AD with Professor Susan Whitfield

Silk Road scholar Professor Susan Whitfield recreates the life and fashions of the men and women who lived along the Silk RoadsProfessor Susan Whitfield brings to life the fashions of the inhabitants of the Silk Roads between AD 500 - 1300.In the first millennium AD, merchants, nuns, diplomats, soldiers and slaves travelled the vast network […]


A sumptuous indulgence in this most beautiful and beguiling colour, with vintage and antique fashions from the History Wardrobe collection